Detoxifying Mud Mask 50ml

Detoxifying Mud Mask 50ml

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Detoxifying Mud Mask

Not only is this mask effective and gentle, it detoxes and freshens up your skin without any chemicals.  With the perfect combination of coffee and kaolin clay, this naturally scented skincare treat will make you feel like you’re in a luxurious spa getting pampered.


  • Boosts blood circulation & gives skin a firmer appearance
  • Removes blemishes
  • Soothes rosacea
  • Helps to reduce the appearance psoriasis
  • Removes dead cells to reveal glowing new skin underneath,
  • Purifies as it exfoliates, preventing blemishes & breakouts
  • Moisturizing
  • Natural antioxidant & antibacterial properties
  • Anti-ageing and rejuvenates the skin
  • Effectively stimulates blood flow to promote healthier skin
  • Sheds dead skin and strengthens your existing skin cells
  • Deeply detoxes the skin
  • Reverse aging
  • Removes blemishes
  • Offers a healthy glow

Always wash your face beforehand with a facial cleanser. Rub a large handful of mask onto damp skin using circular massage motions and focusing on problem areas. Leave to penetrate for 5 to 15 minutes and then rinse. Use twice weekly. Avoid contact with eyes.

  • No parabens or GMOs
  • Not tested on animals
    • No artificial colours or fragrances
    • Ingredient list:
    • Coffee, Kaolin clay, Aqua, Glycerine.