Bentonite Clay 100g

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Bentonite clay is a healing clay derived from volcanic ash that is rich in calcium, silica, iron, sodium and potassium. This clay helps bind toxins making it more soluble so it can easily be washed away from the surface of your skin and hair. Considered to be one of the most powerful natural facials, it is extremely effective for deep pore cleansing and soothing skin. This soft, absorbent clay has been used for centuries to treat medical conditions ranging from wounds to digestive conditions.

Directions for Hair & Skin

Mix 1 part Bentonite clay with 1 part water and 1/2 a part apple cider vinegar. Mix until smooth. Apply to scalp and hair. Cover with a plastic cap and leave on for 5-20 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and follow with a deep conditioner. This clay mask can be used instead of shampoo (as it is a clarifier) and done once a month or whenever you feel you need a reset on your curls. The same mask can be used on the skin. For more uses and directions check in photo list.